HTI G500 Series Microscope

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Manufacturer: HTI (USA)

System Function
The G500 Series Advanced Microscopes are full-featured, versatile and scalable. Designed for users who applications require them to spend extended time viewing through the microscope. An LED illuminated series with options ranging from standard Brightfield, to Phase Contrast, Polarizing and Epi-Fluorescence.
HEADS: Binocular, or Camera-Ready Trinocular, inclined 30°
EYEPIECES: Paired 10x Wide Field, High Eyepoint with Dual Diopter and FN 18 mm
STAGE: Graduated Mechanical Stage with low-position coaxial X-Y controls. Ball bearing movement allows for smooth, precise adjustments. Stage size is 180 mm x 150 mm and the range of X-Y stage movement is 80 mm x 50 mm
OBJECTIVES: Achromat or Plan Achromatic objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x (oil). Additional objectives are available on request. 5 Place nosepiece provides flexibility
CONDENSER: Focusable and centerable N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser with graduated iris diaphragm
KOEHLER FIELD IRIS: Graduated field Iris allows precise positioning to be set based on specific type of specimen being viewed
ILLUMINATION: High intensity LED with rheostat to control intensity
ELECTRICAL: 110V- 60 Hz to 240V- 50 Hz, universal power supply. The fuse rating is 250V 1.5A
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Complete with dust cover, two extra fuses, neutral density filter and operation manual