HTI C8724 Centrifuge

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Manufacturer: HTI (USA)

System Function
The PowerSpin™ DX series centrifuges come with 4 rotor options. This centrifuge is a great answer for every day laboratory tasks.
- 24 place fixed rotor for 2-15ml tubes ( #C8724 )
- 6 place horizontal rotor for 2-15ml tubes ( #C8706 )
- 4 place horizontal rotor for up to 50ml tubes ( #C8704 )
- 4 place fixed rotor for 60ml syringes ( #C8760 )
The PowerSpin™ DX has variable speed 500 – 4000 RPM, to ensure a clean and complete separation. Quiet and dependable, with a maintenance free motor, it can be used to process blood, urine, semen and other specimens.