HTI ImmunoChem-2600

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Manufacturer: HTI (USA)

System Function
Plate Type: 96 well
Well Type: U, V and flat bottom wells
Wash Modes: 8 and 12 well strips
Wash Cycles: 0-99
Dispensing Volume: 50-2000uL
Soaking Time: 0-24 hours
Residual Volume: < 1μL for U,V bottom, < 5μL for flat bottom plates
Programming: Up to 50 user defined protocols
Standard Bottle Set: 2 x 1.9L bottle (waste and water)

Display: 5" LCD
Operating System: Single-chip microcomputer
Language: English
Design: User friendly, rapid access to menus
Connectivity: Serial RS-232 port, 19200, odd, 1 stop bit
Alerts: Real-time messages

Working Condition
Power Supply: 110V ~ 220V, 50/60Hz, 150VA
Temperature: 10-30°C
Humidity: ≤ 70%
Dimension: 39cm x 17.7cm x 33cm (W x H x D)
Weight: 8.5kg